Technical and creative combined

I have a unique blend on technical savvy and marketing expertise from years programming in the early days of the World Wide Web to education at Virginia Tech to moving to Silicon Valley and falling into marketing at an early stage startup.

A strategic marketing leader with a profound passion for steering B2B technology startups from their nascent stages through to Series C, I thrive in transforming marketing landscapes and driving innovation in the tech industry. My journey is marked by a commitment to improving the world, whether it’s through advancing AI-informed data analytics in life sciences at Aizon and Saama or pioneering WiFi Sensing applications at Origin AI for security, home healthcare, and IoT automation.

In my role as VP of Marketing at Origin AI, I embraced the challenge of establishing robust business infrastructures, honing product marketing strategies, and optimizing revenue operations. My strategic approach turned potential obstacles into opportunities for innovation, positioning Origin AI at the vanguard of its field.

At Aizon, formerly Bigfinite, I crafted and executed a comprehensive marketing strategy that propelled our AI-driven data analytics solutions to new heights. I was instrumental in building a solid foundation in marketing analytics, ensuring every marketing decision was data-informed and strategic.

My tenure in the tech industry has seen me navigate various roles, from transforming Saama Technologies from a services brand to a recognized SaaS platform company to initiating the first marketing plan and lead campaigns at Grid Dynamics. My approach has always been holistic, ensuring that every aspect of marketing, from partner/channel marketing, martech, ABM, to global marketing, is aligned and contributing to the company’s success.

I obtained my B.A and M.A from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. I balance my professional pursuits with a deep appreciation for nature, capturing its beauty through my lens and sharing my adventures on the trails with my Jeep. The images on this site are a testament to these passions, showcasing the world as I see it.

Leading With Purpose

Success in marketing, especially within the vibrant and volatile world of technology startups, requires more than just expertise and experience. It demands a unique blend of innovation, integrity, collaboration, accountability, and transparency – values that have been the bedrock of my professional journey.

In weaving these values into the very fabric of my work, I’ve discovered that the true secret to success lies in a values-driven approach. It’s about leading with purpose, impacting positively on the community, and driving change that transcends the bottom line.


Often a solo marketer for early-stage tech startups, I excel in creative problem-solving, utilizing automation to optimize operations and enhance efficiency. Integrating CRM with marketing automation tools, I ensure fluid data movement and a data-driven marketing environment. My work with CRM supports targeted account-based marketing, resulting in personalized and effective customer interactions. This innovative approach turns limited resources into powerful drivers of growth, laying the groundwork for scalability.


At the core of my professional ethos is a steadfast commitment to integrity. I actively champion diversity and inclusion, striving to amplify the voices of underrepresented groups and ensuring equitable representation in all marketing endeavors. My efforts extend beyond campaigns and creatives, fostering a workplace culture where every voice is heard, respected, and valued. By embedding integrity in every facet of my work, I contribute to building inclusive brands and empowering communities.


In the fast-paced, uncharted territory of tech start-ups, collaboration is the key to agility and success. I initiate and lead Go-To-Market (GTM) teams, embracing a holistic approach to problem-solving that transcends departmental boundaries. The collective focus is on finding solutions, learning from each experiment, and swiftly adapting to market feedback. This collaborative spirit is crucial for category creators, where the path to success is iterative, and the ability to pivot quickly is a competitive advantage.


Building robust business systems from the ground up, I lay the foundation for transparent and accountable marketing practices. My role extends to developing comprehensive reports and dashboards, providing clear visibility into marketing performance. This data-driven approach ensures that we are constantly evaluating our strategies, celebrating our successes, and identifying areas for improvement. Accountability is woven into the fabric of my leadership style, ensuring a culture of continuous learning and excellence.


I champion a culture of transparency, ensuring that every team member has access to the information they need when they need it. Utilizing intranets, I publish documents, share training materials, and distribute reports, fostering an open and informed workplace. This transparency extends to our CRM system, where centralizing data becomes a catalyst for cross-departmental collaboration and informed decision-making. By making transparency a cornerstone of our operations, we strengthen our collaborative efforts and drive collective success.


In the ever-shifting landscape of startup environments, my adaptability stands out. I effortlessly pivot brand strategies to align with evolving market insights, ensuring our messaging resonates and our business objectives are met. Whether it’s swiftly transitioning from product launches to managing press relations or supporting the first wave of customer success, my flexibility across diverse marketing functions showcases my capability to thrive in dynamic environments and drive continuous innovation.