Trade Events

I have managed a huge variety of global events spanning trade shows across North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. Events include trade shows, user conferences, customer appreciation, sales conferences, executive events, and plugfests. I’ve sat as organizer, sponsor, exhibitor, and speaker. 

User Conference

Saama’s Big Data and Analytics event, Intuition, saw presenters from top companies like Cisco, Salesforce, Booz Allen Hamilton, CSAA Insurance Group, Microsoft speak. Chris Surdak, Big Data expert, delivered his views on disruption and also gave away his award-winning book, Data Crush. Saama’s customers, partners, top industry thought leaders, experts and data scientists from around the world look ahead to key insights in the analytics space, including predictions, trends, disruptive ideas, and game-changing outcomes at Intuition.

Read more on Saama’s blog.

Webinars and Video

Webinars remain one of the highest performing lead generation tools in a marketers tool bag. Understanding your personas and developing video assets like demos and webinars can increase your lead generation. 

One often underutilized tool is the use of this medium in advertising and email. The marketing tech stack allows us to use these assets in even greater degrees with both pre-recorded webinars and on the fly video assets to help drive engagement and conversions!