GTM Ambassador Badge

I’m thrilled to announce that I have joined the ranks of the GTM Ambassadors, an esteemed collective of go-to-market leaders initiated by GTM Partners. This group isn’t about promoting a single technology or brand—it’s about championing a vital shift in perspective. We’re advocating for a movement that recognizes a fundamental truth: your challenges aren’t isolated to marketing, sales, customer service, or product alone—they reflect a broader go-to-market problem.

In the early days of the World Wide Web, I found myself programming at Virginia Tech, an experience that unknowingly laid the foundation for my journey ahead. This technical foundation, coupled with a move to Silicon Valley and a dive into the world of marketing at an early-stage startup, set the stage for my diverse, fulfilling career in marketing technology.

My subsequent roles have provided me with invaluable experience and insight. As VP of Marketing at Origin AI, I’m currently spearheading marketing strategies for a pioneering company transforming WiFi signals into innovative WiFi Sensing technology. Prior roles at Aizon, Saama Technologies, and APTARE have allowed me to develop effective marketing analytics infrastructure, drive transitions to respected SaaS platforms, and lead successful rebranding and global expansion initiatives.

These experiences have fortified my belief in the GTM movement. I’ve seen first-hand how a comprehensive and coordinated go-to-market strategy can dramatically impact a company’s success, transcending the traditional silos of marketing, sales, customer service, and product development.

This new role as a GTM Ambassador offers me an exciting opportunity to share the best practices I’ve learned, contribute to the GTM movement, and help other marketers navigate the ever-changing terrain of the marketing world. I believe that GTM Partners brings us back to a time when marketers had a sharper, more pertinent focus—a focus that has often been blurred in the wake of acquisitions and the growth of larger analyst communities.

I’m delighted to stand alongside my fellow GTM Ambassadors, all of us unified by a commitment to illuminate and overcome the challenges inherent in go-to-market strategies. Please join us in this journey, follow our insights, and become part of the future of the GTM movement.

In the words of the GTM Partners founder, “You don’t have a marketing problem. You don’t have a sales problem. You don’t have a CS problem. You don’t have a product problem. What you have is a go-to-market problem.” And together, we are here to solve it.

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