Just read this insightful piece by McKinsey on the transformative potential of generative AI. It’s a must-read for anyone interested […]
I’m thrilled to share with you my recent experience as a guest on the “Content Strategies” podcast. In this episode, […]
GTM Ambassador Badge
I’m thrilled to announce that I have joined the ranks of the GTM Ambassadors, an esteemed collective of go-to-market leaders […]
Are you intrigued by the buzz around AI in the marketing world but unsure where to start? Are you keen […]
Excited to join Loren Greiff for her LinkedIn Live session on using prompts and ChatGPT to accelerate your job hunt […]
I’m thrilled to have been featured in The Product Manager in their Inspirational Women Leaders of Tech series, where I […]
I was so excited to join Field Marketing Association for their workshop on, “Becoming Revenue Champions: Expanding Your Existing Customers.” I got […]
I always appreciate the Peak Community and the great team there and was honored to participate in their panel on, […]
Crys Black
Proud to join the many business leaders and professionals sharing their Cues and Views at The Principal Post. Grateful to […]
So excited to sit down with Ryan Lester on his AI In Real Life podcast to provide some real world […]